About Us

Heroes Network is a platform where people come together for the purpose of raising funds for children in need. Our focus is on the thousands of children who lose their lives to various medical conditions daily because their families can’t afford the right treatment. We receive funding applications for such children through their parents/guardians, then we organize fundraising campaigns for these kids on social media, relying on our growing network of donors to help raise the required sum.

At heroes network, we believe that we are one big human family and we must support each other whenever we can. By giving the little that we can, we raise large sums together. We give these children another chance at life and put smiles on the faces of their mothers.

Heroes don’t have the need to be known as heroes, they just do what heroes do because it is right and it must be done.
– Shannon A. Thompson

How It Works


Case Identification

We receive applications for children in dire medical conditions requiring surgery but whose immediate family unfortunately can’t afford the financial burden..



Before seeking donation, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the application is valid. We do this by paying a visit to the patients home and accessing the income of his immediate family, by visiting the hospital and verifying his records and cost of the required surgery, and by having the patient assessed by our consultant physician to confirm that the claimed medical condition exists.


Fund Raising

Once the application checks out, our team of volunteers create compelling videos and graphics to solicit donations on behalf of the patient. We also have a team of volunteers dedicated to sharing the fundraising campaign materials on social media.



We pay the money raised directly into the hospital’s account and evidence of payment is uploaded on our website and social media platforms. Depending on the medical condition and the hospital where surgery is conducted, we also make it a priority to broadcast a live video of the surgery for our donors to see.



Upon recuperation, we send a thank-you video message from the patient to everyone who donated. 

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