Campaign Officer

We require campaign officers across various locations who will do the following;

  1. Verify the medical condition of children who apply for fundraising and assessing the financial capacity of their parents/guardian. This is to ensure that the patients claims are valid before we trigger a fundraising campaign. We intend to have volunteers across various locations and each volunteer will only verify cases of patients close to his location. The verification is done by paying a courtesy visit to the family and to the child’s primary healthcare Centre, you will be provided with a template of questions to ask and documents to obtain. Renumeration for this activity is #30,000


  1. Share fundraising campaign materials (videos, pictures, etc.) on their social media platforms. Renumeration for this activity is #1000 per campaign to subsidize any cost incurred.


  1. Share information on how people may apply and benefit from our service.

Please note: Applicants must be over 18yrs and must have acquired some form of tertiary education or currently acquiring one.